We are not affiliated with the HHCA.

As an independent community news organization, we are making available below the text of the Hidden Hills Community Association's request for community feedback related to the restructuring of Architectural Standards.

To make emailing your thoughts easier, you can highlight the text and then copy it into an email. They have asked that your thoughts be sent to tracie@hiddenhills.org

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The below was written and requested by the Hidden Hills Community Association. We are not affiliated with them and 





ATTENTION: HHCA Members, residential architects, civil and soil engineers, landscape architects, equestrians, contractors, developers and others!


As we embark on the arduous task of revising and restating our Architectural Standards and our Rules and Regulations, WE WANT YOUR INPUT. We hope to benefit from the expertise of those who have worked with our Committees and our Standards, as well as with the County of Los Angeles and others, so they can contribute some “real world” experience to the process. Our goal is to preserve the unique nature of the community while bringing our governing documents into the 21st Century.


Please email any thoughts/suggestions you may have with respect to the following list of subjects we hope to address and/or any other issues you would like us to add to tracie@hiddenhills.org:


1. Review and revise fees for submittals, grading, and bonds. Too low for developers? Too high for residents?


2. Hardscape/Open Space Requirements. Should there be a maximum based on lot size? Should lot size include slopes or just “building pads”?


3. Aesthetics. Further define rustic, country, distant views, equestrian, etc. to reference specific architectural terms, styles, and include examples.


4. Grading/Excavation. Import/Export restrictions. Removal and Re-compaction, total grading, removal of spoils, etc. Develop monitoring and enforcement systems for violations.


5. Equestrian requirements for both new and existing homes.


6. Construction Projects. Create specific definitions (with examples) for “Major” vs. “Minor” Projects and distinguish between interior and exterior remodels.


7. Submittal/Approval process. Required materials, personnel, timing. Consider limited “over-the-counter” approvals for minor changes.


8. Construction oversite. Responsibilities of new HHCA personnel, processes, notice & enforcement. Consider requiring Construction Cameras.


9. Construction duration. Review, revise and consistently notice violations and impose penalties.


10. Construction parking. Develop solutions for overcrowding of parkways.


11. Committee. Explore options to make the application, review and approval process more efficient and productive.


12. Removal/Relocation of Protected Trees: Requirements/Prohibitions/Application Process.


13. Variances: Requirements/Process


14. Lot-Line Adjustments: Requirements/Process


15. Landscape: Privacy Hedges/Heights


16. Roofs: Restrictions/Ridge Heights/Crickets


17. Lighting: Restrictions on New & Existing Homes/Enforcement


18. Noise restrictions: Timing/Monitoring & Enforcement Procedures


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